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How To Set Up Streaming Video For Your Membership Site

Today I’m going to show you a simple, cheap way to set up streaming video on your membership site (or non-membership site for that matter). I’ve set this up for several clients and I use it myself. I think you’ll agree it’s a groovy solution. This set up is also good for mobile, meaning that the videos will scale to…

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Move Over JWPlayer…S3Bubble In Da House!

Undoubtedly one of the biggest pains in the gluteus for you as an online marketer is setting up your online video. That’s because you want your video player to do several key things at once. Your video player should be able to: Aaaand, you don’t want to get a brain cramp and spend 18 hours just to get the freaking thing…

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How To Compress Videos For online Streaming

How To Properly Compress Your Videos For Online Streaming

Often times your video editing software will spit out uncompressed video files that are hundreds (even thousands!) of megabytes in size. If you’re going to be putting these videos online, you’ll need to reduce their file sizes significantly but without reducing their quality too much. This is where compression comes in. Smaller file sizes means your…

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Easy Video Suite Review

Easy Video Suite Review (Plus Video!)

Getting your videos up on the internet can be a real pain in the ass. You have to: Compress the videos Create several versions of the videos to ensure they’re compatible with different platforms Upload the videos Find a player that works with mobile/tablets Somehow secure your videos so people don’t steal them Deal with complicated scripts and shortcodes …and on…

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