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Vic Dorfman’s services. These services help you grow your subscription based business by allowing you to automate, delegate and outsource tasks that take too much of your time, thus freeing you up to work on the high level items in your business.

Introducing SexyThumbs – Custom Thumbnails for Your Udemy Courses, Youtube Videos and other Online Courses

In your misadventures of surfing the web, you’ve probably seen a few members areas of various online courses. You’ve also probably watched a TON of YouTube videos. Maybe you’ve even taken a Udemy course. And in that time, you’ve likely noticed that before you ever even click on an online course, module, lesson, YouTube video,…

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How’s Unlimited Membership Site Support Sound?

Today I’m very proud (and terrified) to introduce a brand new service I’m launching called MemberFix. In a nutshell, MemberFix give you unlimited small fixes, updates, and tweaks to your WordPress Membership Site, starting at $85/month. Need to protect some content but don’t have time? MemberFix it. Need to create a new membership level? MemberFix…

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