How To Set Up Streaming Video For Your Membership Site

Today I’m going to show you a simple, cheap way to set up streaming video on your membership site (or non-membership site for that matter). I’ve set this up for several clients and I use it myself. I think you’ll agree it’s a groovy solution. This set up is also good for mobile, meaning that the videos will scale to…

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The #1 Membership Site Mistake You Must Avoid

A few weeks ago I surveyed the community and got back some rather startling results that I’m going to share with you now… I was actually inspired to create the survey by Ryan Levesque’s excellent book “Ask“. In his book, Ryan emphasized that you can never assume you know what your audience wants and…

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Introducing SexyThumbs – Custom Thumbnails for Your Udemy Courses, Youtube Videos and other Online Courses

In your misadventures of surfing the web, you’ve probably seen a few members areas of various online courses. You’ve also probably watched a TON of YouTube videos. Maybe you’ve even taken a Udemy course. And in that time, you’ve likely noticed that before you ever even click on an online course, module, lesson, YouTube video,…

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Episode 6 – How To Build a Massively Successful Service-Based Business with Dan Norris

  Today’s guest on The Membership Site Success podcast is Dan Norris! Dan is one of the founders of WPCurve, a WordPress support service that’s inspired countless copycats (myself included!) Dan’s book, The 7 Day Startup, along with his talk at last year’s DCBKK conference, inspired my most successful service-based business, MemberFix. And a lot…

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Episode 5 – Rob Cubbon on Crushing it With Udemy Courses

  Today’s guest on The Membership Site Success podcast is Rob Cubbon! Rob is a 9-5er cum online entrepreneur who really makes a killing selling his courses on Rob’s story is particularly inspiring for a number of reasons. First, Rob got started in online business in his thirties (it’s never too late!) Second, Rob talks a…

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