Episode 1 - Introducing The Membership Site Success Podcast

I thought it would be useful for the readers of my blog to hear the strategies that successful membership site owners are using to run highly profitable membership sites. This first episode is just me talking and giving an overview of membership sites in general. Going forward, you'll hear from folks (some of them my clients) who are making significant…

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How's Unlimited Membership Site Support Sound?

Today I'm very proud (and terrified) to introduce a brand new service I'm launching called MemberFix. In a nutshell, MemberFix give you unlimited small fixes, updates, and tweaks to your WordPress Membership Site, starting at $85/month. Need to protect some content but don't have time? MemberFix it. Need to create a new membership level? MemberFix…

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The Power of Upsells

This is part 2 in a series of posts called "Best Practices For Selling Your Digital Products". Part 1 - Why You Should Embrace Premium Pricing **** Upsells can add a significant chunk of revenue to your business. Upsells generally convert many times better than the front end offers that precede them. And understandably so. The prospect already…

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sticky header

How To Make Your Header Stick To The Top Of The Page In OptimizePress

One way of giving your site a professional look is to make the header 'stick' to the top of the page. To see an example of this 'sticky header', click HERE (opens in a new window). With OptimizePress you can do this either on a page-by-page basis or site wide. To implement this sticky header for your…

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2 Free Custom OptimizePress Templates

More and more of my clients and prospective clients are using the OptimizePress Wordpress theme for their projects. I use it on many of my sites as well, including this one. OptimizePress undeniably kicks ass. But building pages with the Live Editor can be time consuming. Sooo, I've decided to give away two commonly used custom page…

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