What Is The Best WordPress Theme For My Membership Site?

Your WordPress theme is the face of your website. It can either proudly and professionally represent your brand or it can make you look like a joke. Membership sites, in particular, have certain needs that 99% of themes just aren’t built to handle. At the very least, your WordPress theme should be able to build…

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Episode 3 – Interview with Jules Watkins

Today’s guest on The Membership Site Success podcast is Jules Watkins. Jules is a former TV producer & director for hit shows on the BBC in the UK. He went from overworked wage slave to kick-ass online marketer by leveraging his expertise in the video arena and turning it into a successful information product business. Jules started out…

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Format Converter For Importing Members Into DAP

I’ve created a free spreadsheet tool that allows you to enter in several columns of your members’ data and output the data in the format accepted by the Digital Access Pass (DAP) bulk-add multiple users feature. *This tool is for ‘simple’ import only (email, first name, last name, username). If you need to import more user data than that, check out this doc.…

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What Is The BEST Membership Plugin?

In the course of planning new content for I do a lot of research. I look for questions and problems that membership site owners, and aspiring membership site owners just like you face. And without a doubt the one question that comes up in my research more than any other is “what is the best…

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Episode 2 – Interview With Brittany Lynch

In this episode of the Membership Site Success Podcast, I interview Brittany Lynch. Brittany is a Google employee turned online entrepreneur, and she’s totally crushing it online while traveling the world. Brittany drops gold nuggets of entrepreneurial knowledge all over this interview…so check it! Items Mentioned In This Interview The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (book)…

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